A Huge Thank You

We build this together. The photos in this folio represent a tiny sample of the people who bring Burning Man to life with their gifts. All photos were taken by Burners — many of whom are members of our volunteer Documentation team. THANK YOU for your imagination, your creativity, and your tireless dedication to igniting participatory culture around the world.

Mission & Vision, Introduction

Larry Harvey (Photo by Scott London) // The Man, 2013 (Photo by John Steven Chandler)

Letters From Lekha & David

“The Apocalypse is Breathtaking” by Lekha Washington, 2022 (Photo by Jane Hu) // “The Apocalypse is Breathtaking” by Lekha Washington, 2022 (Photo by Viraj Singh) // Lekha Washington, 2022 (Photo by Viraj Singh) // “Petaled Portal” by David Oliver, 2022 (Photo by Manon Nyffeler) // “Petaled Portal” by David Oliver, 2022 (Photo by Hervé PHOTOGRAFF)

2022 Theme

“Homage au Dali” by Jack Champion, 2022 (Photo by Scott London) // Andrew Junior fire breathing, 2022 (Photo by Jan Philip Safarik) // “Seed of Dreams” by Martin Taylor & Chromaforms, 2022 (Photo by Jini Sachse)

Waking Dreams Art

“Empyrean” by Laurence Renzo Verbeck, 2022 (Photo by Jamen Percy) // “The Afterlife” by Blitzy aka Ade, Chickpea, Steve Dudek, Scott Pando, Noah Schnaubelt (Photo by Mark Fromson) // “The Midnight Museum of That One Time at Burning Man” by Jerry Snyder (Photo by Mark Fromson)

The Philosophical Center

Baker Beach, 1989 (Photo by Stewart Harvey) // Carrying the Man, 1989 (Photo by Stewart Harvey) // Action Girl & Tony Coyote Perez, 2022 (Photo by George Post) // Crowd at Kerouac Alley (Photo by George Post) // Stuart Mangrum, 2022 (Photo by George Post)

Burners Without Borders

BWB Camp in Black Rock City, 2022 (Photo by Zac Cirivello) // BWB Summit, 2022 (Photo by Kyle Kesterson) // BWB Summit, 2022 (Photo by Kyle Kesterson) // Spokes for Folks (Photo courtesy of BWB North Texas)

Northern Nevada & Fly Ranch

“The Asterism” by Samantha (Dearie) Buccheri, Margaret (Bobo) Dancy and Anne (Annematic) Jurack, 2022 (Photo by Stephen Chun) // “Black Rock Station” by Black Rock Transportation Company, 2022 (Photo by Adam La France) // Gerlach signage (Photo courtesy of Nevada Operations) // The 360 (Photo by Terry Pratt) // “Ark of the Nereids” by Pepe Ozan 2002 (Photo by Terry Pratt) // Gilded by Mr and Mrs Ferguson, 2022 (Photo by Lisa Ferguson) // “Fly Ranch Pyrg” by Gray Davidson and Majorelle Arts, 2022 (Photo by Matt Sundquist) // Sketches of “Lodgers” by Zhicheng Xu, Mengqi Moon He // SEED LAGI Project, (Photo by Raph)


Solar Panels, 2022 (Photo by Lillian O’Donnell) // Baby Wookiees, 2022 (Photo by Sunny Hull) // The Man, 2022 (Photo by Scott London)

Black Rock City

“See TV” with Dr. Hal Robbins (Photo by Dan Adams) // Black Rock City 2022 Aerial (Photo by Jamen Percy) // “Empyrean” by Laurence Renzo Verbeck, 2022 (Photo by Jamen Percy) // Fire Conclave performer, 2022 (Photo by Grant Palmer) // Processional, 2022 (Photo by Grant Palmer) // Man Pavilion blueprint, 2022

Regional Network

“The Other Thing” by Nathan Victor Honey, 2022 (Photo by Sam Arn) // Fuego Austral, 2022 (Photo courtesy of Fuego Austral) // Midburn temple, 2022 (Photo by Roxane Jessi) // Portland SOAK (Photo by Kyle McCallum) // “Swarm Theory” by Well Worn Theatre Co and “The San Clan” effigy (Photo by Alastair Mclachlan)

Radical Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity

“Build a Seat” by Mo Osunbor, 2022 (Photo by Mo Osunbor) // “The Solar Shrine” by Antwane Lee, 2022 (Photo by Mark Hammon) // BRC Participant with “Empyrean” Laurence Renzo Verbeck, 2022 (Photo by Mark Nixon) // Black Burner Project group shot at “Black! Asé” by Erin Douglas (Photo by Erin Douglas) // “The Resurrection of the Clothes Peg” by Usha Seejarim, 2022 (Photo by Mike Whitten) // Victor Pineda & Gabriel Briggs (Photo by Jan Philip Safarik)

Education / Burning Man Hive

Spring Ops Summit, 2022 (Photo by Chef Juke) // Spring Ops Summit, 2022 (Photo by Chef Juke) // Roxy and Badger at a solar 101 course in Gerlach (Photo by unknown) // Co-learning at Fly Ranch (Photo by Sunny Hull) // Rangers in BRC, 2022 (Photo by Frank Roberto)


“One Tin Soldier” by Mark Deem and the Misfit Toys, 2022 (Photo by Manuel Pinto)

10 Principles / Program Areas

Photo by Jane Hu

Burning Man by the Numbers

2022 Burn Night (Photo by Scott London)

Inside Back Cover

“Facing the Fearbeast” by Tigre Mashaal-Lively & Make Love Visible, 2022 (Photo by Manuel Pinto)

2022 Dispatch design by Tanner Boeger (burning since 2010), words by Kirsten Weisenburger (burning since 2004)

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Every year we lose members of the Burning Man community. Some we acknowledge by writing their names on the heart of the Man; some we celebrate with events; others we release by speaking their names in the Temple. All are honored for their energy, beauty and creativity. However they burned, we hold them in our collective heart.