Program Areas

Program Areas

Burning Man Project Program Areas

Burning Man Project supports local communities in applying the 10 Principles through six interconnected program areas.


The mission of Burning Man Arts is to change the paradigm of art from a commodified object to an interactive, participatory, shared experience of creative expression. Activities in the art program may include facilitating creative self-expression by encouraging people to integrate art with daily personal and public life in ways that are interactive, collaborative, and in support of social architecture.

Civic Involvement

Burning Man Project’s Civic Involvement Program will foster civic responsibility and citizen participation in pursuit of a civil society. Through interactive and collaborative methods, we will support a network that produces events and activities in urban, rural and digital communities. These events will encourage broad participation and engagement with city, state and federal agencies to permit interactive public art and creative self-expression.


Burning Man Project’s Culture Centers Program will establish and operate urban and rural cultural centers that incubate and showcase collaborative and interactive arts, culture, and community participation. These centers may be permanent or temporary, physical or virtual, and serve as platforms for cultural engagement, connection and experimentation. As much as possible, they will be developed and operated using innovative technologies and renewable energy.


The mission of Burning Man Project’s Education Program is to develop spaces, convenings, summits and retreats that facilitate knowledge sharing between members of the global Burning Man community. Whether in-person or virtual, the Education Program ensures the transmission of cultural knowledge, which includes everything from hands-on building and creation, to Burning Man philosophy and practices.

Philosophical Center

The Philosophical Center will carry out scholarly research about, and prepare and publish materials that explain the 10 Principles, and how they have been and can be successfully and practically implemented in many fields of human endeavor. Through its activities, the Philosophical Center will promote innovation in art, science, play, gifting, interaction, collaboration, and related economic and policy issues.

Social Enterprise

Burning Man Project’s Social Enterprise Program will collaborate with mission-allied organizations and projects that wish to collaborate for the public good by providing certifications, social and connective networks, fiscal sponsorship, shared support services and mentoring. Through this approach Burning Man Project will foster collaborative consumption among mission-allied projects, reducing duplication and overhead costs and maximizing the resources that each may devote to its public benefit programs.