The spirit of gifting, and YOUR generosity allowed us to keep the fires burning for the second year in a row without our dusty Home. We are ever so grateful, and we can’t wait to see you all in Black Rock City 2022.

“All of our work together is in service to a gift, and this should always be regarded as the source of the power that holds us together.”

~ Larry Harvey, Founder, “Consensus, Collaboration, Hierarchy, Authority and Power,Burning Man Journal

“Burner culture provides us with opportunities to challenge ourselves, grow and share the skills and culture we learn through burning with our default world communities, and it’s inspiring to watch our local Burners embrace that in such challenging times.”
– Jessica Fairbairn, Canberra, Australia

“Burning Man has been for me a space for free exploration, authentic expression, playfulness, laughter, and so much love and connection. It is the origin story for so many of my favorite relationships and friendships. It is made of the stuff of fantasy and sci-fi novels, and I could not possibly imagine who I would be today if Burning Man did not exist.”
– Gerardo ‘Quest’ Carrizales

“It just went from an exhausting experience of not knowing what to do, to reaching out to the Burner community, and then having this flood of care and offers to help. I’ve just been trying to figure out how to solve this on my own, and finally when I asked for help it was so beautiful.”
– Launa Eddy, artist who benefited from Burner support when her installation was stranded in Oregon

“Burning Man at its most fundamental level is a SPARK that ignites the fires of human passion. It reaches deeply into our souls and provokes a profound sense of community and caring. Burning Man does not provide answers to specific problems, rather it opens your heart to the potential to create change in any direction your passion takes you. This experience is often profoundly transformative and can last a lifetime.”

~ John Marx, architect and artist


The Great Give Back Challenge is a coalition of theme camps and individuals challenging Burners to give back to the indigenous people of the Black Rock Desert, on whose ancestral land we’ve enjoyed so many amazing burns.

Join The Great Give Back Challenge in Burning Man Hive

“Earlier in the year we started off with Paiute land improvement by doing highway clean-up and invasive plant removal projects. They had asked us for books and technology, so we brought multiple computers and phones through our ongoing tech drive, had over 40 books donated, and began a book club discussing indigenous history. We’re thrilled to be a resource for people wanting to work with the Paiutes.”

~ Gigi ‘Phoenix’ Gallaway, Great Give Back member