What’s YOUR Unmediated Experience?

For many, the past two years may have been a little more mediated than we might have liked. How did we come together, with ourselves, with our communities, and the ever-evolving world around us?


Burners will find a way.

Some connected profoundly in digital spaces. Others discovered new and meaningful ways to engage with their immediate surroundings — with family, neighbors, and creative communities.

“The last of the 10 Principles is Immediacy. It speaks of removing barriers between yourself, your participation, and your innermost sense of being. Of taking out the middle of any relationship to people around you. First, the ability to identify with others; then the ability to identify with an entire community, or city; then the ability to identify, in some cosmic way, with the universe.”
– Larry Harvey, Founder, Out of Nothing, Everything: Conversations with Larry Harvey

“I think a Burner is anyone who is willing to refocus in scope and change with the terrain and with the circumstances. This last year after not going, I saw a shift of consciousness for a lot of Burners. There were those who shifted into the funk of not being able to go. But then there were those who shifted into redefining the landscape of wherever they were and however they were living. So I think we’re going to have to probably look at a Burner in the future as the dreamer. You feel me? Because the dreamer can go anywhere and it’s not so much the terrain, but it definitely is a place in the heart and the mind.”

~ Quest Skinner, artist (Burning Man LIVE podcast, Episode 36)

Bringing Burning Man Stories and Philosophy to Life

“‘Psychomagic,’ that indispensable term from the artist and practitioner Jodorowsky, is the act of creating symbolic conditions and actions that can reach the unconscious and enlist it to break through the limits we experience in the world and find awe and choices and potential we were never able to see.”
– Caveat Magister, author

With a flourish and a small “ta-da” our Philosophical Center published a second book! Turn Your Life into Art: Lessons in Psychomagic from the San Francisco Underground by Caveat Magister lays out the building blocks of peak experience design so anyone can concoct collective, magical, transformational moments literally anywhere.

Turn Your Life into Art arrived hot on the heels of 2020’s Built to Burn: Tales of the Desert Carnies of Burning Man by Tony ‘Coyote’ Perez, the story of how Coyote came to lead a ragtag band of freaks and geeks that would become Burning Man’s Department of Public Works.

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