Burning Here, Now, Everywhere

“For 35 years Burning Man has been leading cultural change and evolving what we do out in the world… Wherever you are in the world, take the 10 Principles with you. Show up as a responsible Burner… Let’s imagine how we can bring this culture out into the world at a time when Burning Man culture is needed more than ever.”

~ Marian Goodell, CEO and Founding Board Member

The COVID-19 pandemic was still very much top of mind. But Burner ingenuity came through year round, and in the most inventive ways. Burners from Singapore to New York, Israel to Lithuania came together to participate in bringing magic to life.

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“This year I equipped myself in VR and participated in all the Burning Man VR events. I was present with a French friend and Burners from all over the world. I cried with happiness. It was wonderful… It was one of the most beautiful gifts of life in 2021.”
– Alix Futur, Virtual Burner

At Home

Toronto’s intrepid Steam Punkin mutant vehicle took to the streets with their Cinderella carriage. The Punkin and its trusty steed, a giant mouse, delighted Torontonians with random appearances around the city.

In Singapore, Burners dressed up, decorated their bicycles, and embarked on urban deep playa art rides to explore light festivals and art installations throughout their city.

Sacramento Valley Spark was born from the desire to bring the ethos of Burning Man closer to home. Our 2021 Spring Spark Drive-Thru was the first official Burning Man Regional Event held in a drive-through format, while our Art Stops program provided art grants to create up-cycled art placed at regional transit stations.”
– Ed Fletcher, President of Sacramento Valley Spark Board and Sacramento Regional Contact

At Regional Events

Like stars appearing at dusk, one by one, in-person and virtual Regional Events began to reignite the Burnerverse in 2021. You brought Burning Man culture to vibrant life at in-person Regional Events in 10 US states, and in 13 countries outside the US. And you gathered in the digital dust — co-creating nine official virtual Regional Events.

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Midburn is Back!

In late 2021, 5,000 participants co-created 2021’s largest Regional Event — Midburn, a temporary city in Israel’s Negev Desert.

“For me to create Midburn after three years without a venue, and then the COVID-19 pandemic, it felt like a necessity to bring the community back together… As I see it, Midburn and all the other Burning Man events are important for the world. This project brings people back to the essence, to what is important in this life. I feel Midburn 2021 brought a lot of hope and joy to our community, which was shown on the playa by the art and amazing content the city had to offer.”
– Kabira Rinat Sharabi, CEO, Midburn, Israel

“The creativity, art, camaraderie, and execution of ideas into action for a 500-person event was just astounding. Overall, Radical Self-expression was clearly visible in all the layers of the event, as people revealed their talents and inner beauty — what emerged was this immersive playground for everyone to be free to play!”

~ Steve Petroski, participant at Lithuania’s AmberBurn